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Kuttilan Autolasi Oy

Windshields since 1970

Kuttilan Autolasi Oy manufactures and installs windshields in Kuusjoki, City of Salo, Finland.
We have operated as a family business since 1970.

For over 30 years, our main emphasis has been focused on the manufacture of custom windshields. We make custom-glass windshields for classic, museum and leisure vehicles. In addition, we also manufacture glass for heavy-machinery vehicles. Heated, tinted and custom-made windshields are also part of our product line.

Please provide all measurements using the metric system, in centimeters (cm).

Our products include

  • Manufacture of custom windshields
  • Windshields for leisure vehicles
  • Windshields for heavy-machinery vehicles
  • Windshields for boats
  • Custom tints
  • Custom-made glass

Custom Windshields

We have the equipment for manufacturing custom windshields for hundreds of types of cars.

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Heavy Machinery Glass

We can manufacture and customize glass for almost any heavy-machinery vehicle, according to the model.

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